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Ryan from Alberta writes:

I've been plagued with genital warts for the last 2+ years and I've literally tried just about everything in trying to eliminate them. I've tried each of the following treatment methods and even tried a few of them together: Aldara cream (expensive!), Condoylx, freezing myself with Compound W, freezing at my Dr's office, and even some powerful acid once, but none of these options worked well at all. Over the last few years, the HPV virus has taken a tremendous toll on my life and I haven't been able to get back on track... always worrying about the warts hasn't really helped me at all either! Anyways, I started using your product three days ago. Since then, the warts turned white and very soon thereafter dissapeared - all within just a few days!

Seriously, I'm not even messing around. Right now I am smiling and feeling an incredible sense of purity again. I actually had genital warts in places that I didn't even know about until I got done using your product. Your instructions had all the information I needed. I wish I would have tried this years ago. Now my life is back on track and I couldn't be HAPPIER! Thank you so much. This product really worked and I'm so incredibly grateful. You guys rock!

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Our product is a fast acting wart removal solution that combines the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results - with absolutely no prescription required! Our proprietary blend of natural herbs and essential oils quickly attacks the root of warts caused by HPV. Within a matter of days, warts exposed to the formulated solution will turn white - then black - before falling off (usually in the shower). The removal of visible warts can help prevent future outbreaks, and can help prevent the transmission of the HPV virus to others. The goal of this product is to quickly eliminate all warts caused by HPV.

Warts caused by HPV often appear as a small singular bump or in groups of bumps. These bumps can vary greatly in both size and appearance and can be eith small or large, raised, flat, or in the shape of a cauliflower. Warts, especially genital warts, should be diagnosed by a health care professional as it is possible to spread genital warts even when the infected partner has no visual signs of genital warts. Symptoms often appear within a few weeks or months and if left untreated, might disappear on their own, increase in size or number, or remain unchanged.

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